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Exhibit Opening Reception from 4-6 Today!

New Normal: A Journey

The Oak Room in Crabbe Hall at the University of Northern Colorado

Reception from 4-6pm

I am excited that this exhibit has been noticed by the press!! The Greeley Tribune printed an article about my work. Below is the front page of the article. The full article is also available on the Greeley Tribune website.

Greeley front page crop resize


2013 Summary and Exhibit News

New Normal Postcard resize

New Normal Postcard backWell it happened again…I took another hiatus from blogging. 2013 wrapped up nicely though!

Since I left teaching in May, many opportunities have come my way. In August I was hired on as an intern at the Denver Art Museum which allowed me to see the inner workings of the museum. I remained connected to art education and programming as I aided my superiors in the implementation of Final Friday events at the DAM. My solo exhibit in September was a success and I was a part of a group exhibition at the Firehouse Art Gallery in November. I also sold some pieces and completed a commission for a couple in Chicago.

Aside from a busy work and exhibition schedule, I also completed six more credits at UNC which included writing my thesis about the body of work I have produced. The intense amount of writing required to complete a thesis may have contributed to my aversion to writing a new blog post. I have three credits left this spring and I plan to graduate in May with a MA in Art and Design. This past fall I also made the decision to apply to MFA (Master of Fine Arts) programs for Fall 2014. Working with my professors at the University of Northern Colorado made me thirst for more interactions with professionals in the field. I enjoy being challenged and have grown as an artist. The application process was quite lengthy and I am proud to report I submitted all of my applications well in advance of the deadline! Now I anxiously await responses from schools.

On to the latest news! My first solo exhibition of 2014 opens next week at UNC. The opening reception is from 4-6 in the Oak Room Gallery on the UNC campus. This morning I finished hanging the exhibit and met with a reporter from the Greeley Tribune. An article about my exhibit is set to be published on Tuesday, so I will definitely blog again next week.

Presence II and Solo Show News


Presence #2


I have numerous compositional ideas for my Presence paintings which I hope to continue exploring this week.  Presence #2 follows a similar color palette as the last painting, but the space is organized differently.  I wanted to tighten the area in which my paint strips exist.  This painting feels more refined than the last because I have a better handle on the process it takes to complete these works.  I enjoy the raw quality of Presence #1, but I am happy with refining some technical aspects in Presence #2.


Solo Art Exhibition NEWS:

A few months ago I set a goal for myself: to find a venue and build my first solo art exhibition.  I am EXTREMELY excited to report that I will working with a gallery on Santa Fe Drive in Denver! I have met with the owners of Anthology Fine Art and we are all looking forward to my upcoming solo show!!  I will post more information as it becomes available.