Change is in the Air

Presence #45

Presence #45

I have been postponing the next post because I wanted to carve out some time to thoughtfully express myself, but it seems I am having trouble finding that time. So here is the major update: I resigned from my job as a high school art teacher in order to pursue my career as an artist full-time. I have received a mixture of responses from others, ranging from, “Good for you, I wish I could do something like that,” to “Yikes, that seems risky.” And my thoughts on the subject seem to be a mixture of both ends of the spectrum. I am looking forward to devoting all of my attention to my art career. I may become prosperous or I may fail, but at least I will have tried. I want to live without regret. As a teacher, I aimed to teach my students to set their sights high and take risks. Now, I am living by example and I am going to do everything in my power to make this a success.

I just returned from hanging an exhibition at The Brush and Comb on Tennyson Street in Denver. That show will run the month of June and the opening reception is this Friday, June 7th. So mark your calendar for the Tennyson Street First Friday Artwalk this Friday!

Aside from my further explorations of the Pieces series (which I promise I will get back to posting), I created about fifteen new works for this exhibition. Above is an image of one of these new works which has already sold!


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