Experimentation…Gone Right!

Pieces 5

Pieces 5

Above, is the next image in the Pieces series. I had some readers ask about viewing the 42 paintings hanging together. Not to worry, I have those images. I would like to share each of the individual pieces first so they can be appreciated as much as the whole work.

I am branching out in many directions since I completed Pieces. I worked in my studio for most of the day today and I have eight new works started. A while ago I had an idea to transpose my graphite drawings onto paintings creating ghost-like skeletal structure references. I have been mulling this idea over for months trying to figure out the best approach. Usually, there is a lot of trial and error; but this experiment went right on the first try!

I frequently use gloss, matte, and gel mediums in my work and I am familiar with each material’s capabilities.  I spread a thin layer of matte medium on a plastic sheet and let it dry.  Once dry, I peeled up the thin transparent material. It turns out that I can, in fact, draw on it! I am excited about this new discovery and where it might lead.  Below are images of this process.

Drawing on Matte Medium

Drawing on matte medium

Transparent Drawing

Transparent drawing

Drawing overlaid

Drawing overlaid


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