New Year, New Look

I decided it was time for a blog makeover. It has been a year or two since I have updated everything. My goal was to de-clutter and make my blog more user friendly. I hope I succeeded! Any feedback is appreciated.

6 thoughts on “New Year, New Look

    1. jessicaforrestal Post author

      Thanks! I think I fixed that comment issue we talked about. Not sure I can change the “reply” button to a “comment” button, but leaving a comment should be easier now. Thanks for the heads up.

  1. Lois Forrestal

    I check your work every time I see the e-mail. I oftenl go back serval times to look again and I see sthings I missed Keep postiong I love to click on your work. LJF

  2. Working guy

    Yep, de-cluttered, simpler, smoother. I’d keep visiting your blog anyway but now it feels like an easier experience to navigate. And by de-cluttering, you put the focus back on the art, too.


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