Head-on Encounters

I am unsure about how much information to share regarding the inspiration for Pieces. Part of me wants to share every last detail, but the other part wants viewers to find their own personal connection to the work. If I provide too much information then there would be no room for viewer interpretation which is the best part about abstract art.

I will begin where I left off on Tuesday. I explained that I chose 42 paintings because I wanted a certain size and dimension for the work. I started with 9 paintings and jumped to 42. But why so large?

Imagine that someone close to you became ill and this person was given a grim prognosis even with surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. Your world as you know it is permanently altered and now there is this thing, this cancer invading. This unwelcome change is always with you. Driving to work, going for a run, socializing with friends; there is this weight, this sadness that makes everything hazy. That is the reason why the work is so large. These pieces engulf the wall and you have no choice but to encounter it head-on.

Below the first image of one of the fully completed 9″ x 10″ paintings in the series. I will provide further information regarding my inspiration as I post these paintings in the future. Feedback is appreciated, so don’t be shy!

Pieces 1

Pieces 1


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