Piecing it Together

I have yet to share my newest body of work with the internet or gallery world.  I am set to debut the new work this coming August at Anthology Fine Art on Santa Fe Drive in Denver.  This particular body of work has been complete for a while, but I have been hesitant to blog about it because of its complex nature.  There are so many layers figuratively and literally and I find myself still putting all of the pieces together.  This is by far the most personally significant work I have created and with that comes some fear of releasing it into the world.  Pieces consists of forty-two 9″ x 10″ mixed media works.  When displayed, the work easily takes up  6′ x 7′, if not more.  The work was created with feverish passion in just three weeks.  Over the next few months, I will post each 9″ x 10″ work along with more in-depth narratives.

My initial concept started with a total of nine paintings and suddenly ballooned to forty-two.  The trick was finding a space large enough where I could work on all of the paintings at one time.  Each piece has varying amounts of wood paneling, mat board, dryer lint, acrylic paint, thread, and graphite drawings.  In order to ensure each individual piece could stand on its own as well as mesh with the group, each step had to be completed for all forty-two works before moving forward.     The images I am sharing today chronicle the start and growth of the body of work, showing the increase in size as well as the numerous layers constructed.  Stay tuned to see finished works and learn more about this newest series.








4 thoughts on “Piecing it Together

  1. Jenny

    WOW. This is exciting and beautiful and haunting…I’m starting to get a sense of the deeper significance, if the graphite drawings are any indication. I can’t wait to see the finished works.

  2. Maurice

    Like your new “pieces together”!! Make sure you get pictures to share of the whole on a wall at the Aug exhibit!@

    1. jessicaforrestal Post author

      I certainly will! I have pictures from when I hung it briefly after its creation. I will share those images in the coming months as well. The work will be displayed a little differently this August.


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