I Will Be a Master!

This summer I had the most fantastic time beginning my master’s degree program. I am working towards a Masters in Art and Design from the University of Northern Colorado. I am in the low residency program which allows me to take my studio courses during the summer at the university and online courses during fall and spring while I am teaching. My program technically did not start until this month, but I wanted to get a jump on things. I took two courses which monopolized most of my summer, but I enjoyed every minute. I enrolled in a two-week watercolor course from 9-12am and in the afternoons I attended a multi-media class from 1-5pm for four weeks. I was creating art 12-14 hours a day for four weeks. My husband missed me a little bit, but the time spent was well worth it!

Prior to taking a watercolor class, I felt slightly deficient. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I am capable of watercolor painting. The two-week course was beneficial in learning multiple techniques of dry on dry, wet on dry, dry on wet, and wet on wet. The majority of the time was spent working from still life set-ups which I found very helpful when learning the new techniques. My favorite style was the wet on dry. I gravitated toward this style because the “control freak” in me could be unleashed. Painting in the wet on dry style is time-consuming requiring many layered washes of paint. In-between each layer, the paint and paper must fully dry before the next wash is applied. This style has a tight, controlled look. I showed my work to friends and family and many responded,” Wow, that’s watercolor?” Below you will find some images of my watercolor paintings.

I found myself attracted to stacks of objects. I painted Stacks #1 one of the first few days of class. Stacks #2 and Stacks #3 were homework assignments during the course. I completed those two paintings using my grandma’s Fiestaware as inspiration. Stacks #3 was the final homework assignment which allowed us more creative freedom. I repeated the image of the stacks to mimic the repetition within the stacks themselves. Prior to painting the images, I created a textured layer by placing plastic wrap over a wash of paint and then allowing it to dry.

I will dive into my work created in the multi-media course in the next post–so stay tuned!

Stacks #1

Stacks #2

Stacks #3


3 thoughts on “I Will Be a Master!

  1. Jane

    How wonderful that you were able to have this artistic, creative time and that you got credit for it! Fresh ideas open so many new doors. Enjoy. Jane.


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