Found #6

Found #6

Found #6 was the last painting I created before hanging my most recent show. As I continue to create paintings in the Found series, I discover more compositional possibilities. Prior to Found #6, I used a single sheet of the mixed paint in the foreground (to learn more about this process visit these previous posts Found and Found #3). When I peeled this new sheet of paint off of my mixing table, I was displeased with the placement of the colors and textural intricacies. There were numerous beautiful areas within the sheet but they were surrounded by dull areas. With a deadline just days away, I decided to tear the sheet up and piece it back together. This is the first time I took control of the unpredictability of these paint sheets. An artistic control-freak by nature, I enjoyed that I could leave some aspects of these paintings to chance. Found #6 may have changed the game because it may be one of the strongest yet in the series. It is amazing what a little time crunch can do for ingenuity and discovery!


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