Mask and You Shall Receive

I decided to be more clever with my post titles and I am pretty proud of this one, hah!

I completed my mask for The Mask Project.  Towards the end of the day yesterday I was not pleased with how my mask was progressing. I based my initial design off of my most recent Found paintings. The white background was not adding the type of visual impact that it had created for the other paintings such as Found #3. I spent quite some time thinking about how to improve the situation and I realized that my problem was size related. Because the surface area had been so greatly reduced to fit on the mask, I had to reduce the size of the recycled paint strip. On a 24″x30″ canvas like Found #3, the white background helps the viewer focus on the large area of  colors. But the mask was much smaller and the white seemed too powerful. In order to pull this composition together I needed to accentuate the colors in the paint strip by incorporating them into the background. I still need to add another coat of varnish tomorrow and I would like to get a photograph of the mask in better light. Below is a slideshow showing the progression:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

4 thoughts on “Mask and You Shall Receive

    1. jessicaforrestal Post author

      Wow thank you! That is a cool idea…I may to have to consider that for my artwork in the future. I appreciate your feedback and I hope you continue to follow my work 🙂


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