New Year: New Artistic Adventures

Last weekend I spent a day in my studio getting it “production ready.”  Since my husband put in drywall in the studio and I took down my last show, my space was looking more like a large storage unit than a functional studio. I decided if I got everything organized one weekend, then I could run out there whenever I wanted to start producing work again.  Today was the first day of making art in my studio in 2012!

Studio organized and ready for production!

I started a few projects today.  I am creating a mask for The Mask Project which is a benefit for The Denver Hospice.  All masks are due March 2nd.  I decided to use the Found series as inspiration and I have applied the first two layers to the mask.  Being that it is the middle of winter, my layers of paint are not drying as quickly as I would like.  I expect that I will not be able to add more layers to the mask until tomorrow.

I also started working on a two small canvases.  As I wrote in my last post, I would like more time to experiment.  I revert back to working on small canvases when trying something new. If the endeavor happens to take a turn for the worse, then I have not wasted too much time or materials.  There have been no wrong turns yet and I am excited about my progress.  I cut a hole into each canvas and inserted a circular piece of cardboard. I have been questioned several times about how I find such a thing. So here is the secret: I save the cardboard role that is left over once masking or duct tape is used completely. 🙂  I then turned to my piles of plastic mesh and selected a pattern that I have not worked with before.  The progress of adding mesh to this canvas is shown below:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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