My Studio is Moving!!

My new studio space!!

I usually do not blog too much about my personal life as I try to keep things professional. But, my husband and I have just closed on our first home!

The reason this information pertains to my blog is that I must pack up and move my studio. That means my artwork production has come to a halt. In our new backyard there is a large storage shed that was recently built and is already wired with electricity. It also has a new roof and gutters so there will be no concerns about artwork getting wet. We need to insulate it for winter and install a few more windows. Then we will install a fan vent in the space where a small skylight currently exists. It is a perfect studio space for me and it is above ground. Painting in a basement like I currently do can cause problems when trying to mix or match colors. I think I am going to love working with more natural light!


5 thoughts on “My Studio is Moving!!

  1. jessicaforrestal Post author

    Thanks! I am super excited! Since this post, my husband and my dad installed three more windows to allow for more natural light. All that needs to be done now is the insulation and then I can move in and start painting again!

  2. J. Freeman

    Oh WOW! That is going to be a great studio space Jessica!! Congrats! I recently bought a house and was thinking of building something like that but I don’t have the funds now. I’ve been renting a studio in the inner city in Kansas City since it’s cheap but my art biz is slow and I may have to stop renting a space. Hopefully I can get something like this going in the future!!

  3. jessicaforrestal Post author

    Thank you! The storage shed turned art studio was a major selling point for us when making the decision to buy the house. We are still working on the insulation before I can move the studio in, so no new paintings yet. I hope you can continue to keep a studio space for yourself!! I am really enjoying your recent paintings 🙂

    1. J. Freeman

      Please let me know how everything progresses for you! Thanks for checking out my recent work! I would also be interested in finding out how you keep your studio cool in the summer, although it’s gotta be easier in CO than it is in good ol, humid, nasty hot Kansas. This has inspired me and got me thinking a LOT about building a shed in my backyard for my studio. With the price of gas, the studio shed would certainly pay itself off quick!! I’m probably spending $5 or so every time I drive in to Kansas City. I’ve paid rent this month and haven’t even worked in the studio yet!!!


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