Day 8: Completion!!

Day 8

I completed the painting yesterday! I worked seven hours straight fine-tuning lines.  It turns out that after seven hours of steadying ones hand, ones hand no longer steadies!  But, luckily, my arm and hand held out until the job was finished.  I spent the afternoon adding the black edges to the shield and the banner underneath the shield.  This black outline turned out to be the most challenging part of this painting.  The black paint took multiple coats and much discipline to keep the lines an even width.  I was so excited to take a photograph of the completed work, that I now realize I did not take the small version of the crest down prior to the photograph. I will have to get a photograph without that image taped up there in the future.

After eight days and forty-one hours the finished product really stands out in the school’s entryway and I am proud of my accomplishment!


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