Found #3

Found #3

I started Found #3 two or more weeks ago.  In the beginning, this piece created so many obstacles that it required me to devote more time thinking than creating.  This painting is 24×30 inches and extremely textural.  The background took many layers of gesso, plastic mesh, and paint which meant I was often waiting for the piece to dry before I could move forward.  I wanted the large paint strip to be the focal point of the painting and I loved how the color popped against a white canvas.  To read about the original inspiration for this series click this link.  I mentioned in that previous post that the paint strips remind me of islands.  Found #3 is a more in-depth exploration of this idea.  By layering different pieces of mesh underneath the paint strip, I wanted to reference a bird’s-eye view of land as if it where a topographical map.  I kept the background white, but it took many tries to get just the right white hue.  Believe it or not, there are endless possibilities when it comes to selecting white for a painting.   This color choice also keeps the textural quality of the mesh muted.  This was a conscious choice because I wanted to leave some intrigue and surprise for the viewer.  From further away, the painting looks simple, but as one moves closer more details become visible and the intricacy of the work can be discovered.


4 thoughts on “Found #3

  1. Veronika

    Have you seen the current MCA, Denver expo, top floor? The artists are using similar concepts. They create amazing pieces from the old wall patterns. Rip off old walls, preserve, and present those pieces in a new way. It is very interesting. They have a documentary in this expo, how they design their pieces, they show the process from start to finish. Check it out!
    Best Wishes,

  2. jessicaforrestal Post author

    Thanks for visiting my site and thanks for the info! I have not yet gone to see that exhibit, but I will definitely need to check it out. I hope you will continue to follow my work!


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