Opening Reception Tonight!!

Please join me tonight for the opening of my show,“Efflorescent.”
The Brush and Comb
3903  Tennyson Street
Denver, CO  80212
Show Statement:

ef•flo•res•cent [ef-luh-res-uh nt]
1. Efflorescing; blossoming.

The word efflorescent holds figurative and literal significance to my current work. This word is fitting for my April show because this month marks the beginning of spring when the earth is reborn and blossoming with possibility. I have chosen a series of paintings called Presence to be the centerpiece of this show. These paintings are bright, colorful and just as optimistic as spring itself.

As an artist, the word efflorescent also speaks to my current place in the art world. I am an emerging artist with fresh perspectives gaining momentum as I continue to show my work. I consider my environment often, keeping in mind that the world around me provides endless artistic possibilities. Using discarded materials as my inspiration sends me down many different paths allowing me to innovate and reuse what was once thought disposable. Drawing from how I view my surroundings, I create works that speak of my presence. I walk a fine line between the geometric and the organic to compose a moment in time that can be stopped or slowed and simply enjoyed.

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