Presence Experiments + WOW Show Opening Tonight

I had a little cold bug this week which made me delinquent on my posting. To make up for it I am posting two paintings today and I have show news!

I have a painting in the WOW Show at Core New Art Gallery on Santa Fe Drive. This show is super fun because the walls are completely covered with art!  Transient XII will be on display for three weeks in the gallery. The opening is this evening from 6-9pm.

As I stated in a previous post, I had some new composition ideas for the Presence paintings. I spent some time working with two paintings; each presented me with challenges that left me angry and storming away on a few occasions. But, it was fun to get back into the role of experimentation by diving into the unknown and seeking solutions. The main goal while working on these two paintings was to discover if I could create a successful composition in which drips went upward as well as downward. I was curious about the amount of tension that could be created where the opposing drips converge.


Presence #26







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