Reflection XXVIII

Reflection XXVIII

Reflection XXVIII was commissioned by some friends of mine who now live in Washington. They recently had a daughter and wanted one of my paintings for her bedroom. This commission was a bit different from the previous one for a Transient painting because the couple left all the decisions up to me. They sent me a list of my paintings they really liked, but then said, “You make the decisions. We just love your work and we want it to be bold.”  The couple gave me a size requirement which was a 24×24 inch canvas. I usually paint on rectangular canvas and I am grateful they pushed me out of my comfort zone. Previously, I had not entertained the idea of a square canvas. I am pretty sure one of my painting professors poisoned my mind about square canvases. Regardless, the Reflection series looks spectacular on a square canvas! Being that these paintings are usually referential of landscapes, a square canvas gives the earth more room to breath. Before creating this new painting, I looked back to Reflection XXII for inspiration. I chose a similar color scheme, but I made slight changes to the hues in the handmade paper. I also used a different color for the plastic mesh at the top.  I found Reflection XXII intriguing when I first created it, but I had this feeling that the space was too small. Thanks to a commission from friends I have successfully solved that problem in Reflection XXVIII!!

I am also very pleased with the wrapped side-view:


Reflection XXVIII side-view




2 thoughts on “Reflection XXVIII

  1. Lyle

    I absolutely LOVE this piece!!! I know you friends and their little daughter are going to be very pleased to have it.
    You continue to amaze me with your artistic growth!


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