Transient XIII

Transient XIII

Transient XIII was commissioned after the opening of my solo show at Anthology Fine Art.  A husband and wife loved Transient IX and they were disappointed it had already sold.  So I explained that I could replicate the colors and the glow, but that the composition of the  mesh pieces are always different. The mesh can be an unpredictable material always resulting in a touch of mystery in the process. I told them I could still create a similar grouping of three mesh pieces and a single piece across the bottom.  The couple agreed expressing their love of the colors and the glow the painting emitted.



3 thoughts on “Transient XIII

  1. Maurice

    A commission!! Incredible!! I will start looking for empty wall spaces at the Art Institute of Chicago. Some day you will be there!

  2. Margo Champagne

    Actually … I rather like the one at the top, in shades of gray … although admittedly it doesn’t have that glow. But JESSICA does!


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