As Promised: A Year in Review

My very first post occurred January 24th, 2010 at 4:30pm. Well, it did not really occur at 4:30pm because I had not correctly set my time zone before posting. By the time I realized I even needed to set a time zone, I had already posted and there was no way to change that! So, historically, 4:30pm it is.

I started this blog to hold myself accountable to one major goal: I wanted to be an artist. In the beginning, I blogged as if becoming an artist was a far-fetched possibility. My first post, Let the Art Begin!, referred to my goals. I wrote, ” I hope to build my portfolio and have aspirations of showing my work in Denver.” One can just hear the wishful tone. It is as if I needed this blog to make me believe in who I have always been. I am an artist. I was an artist before I started my blog. The one part that was missing when I embarked on my journey was belief in myself.

Getting over the fear of putting my work out into the world for eternity was a scary obstacle. I promised myself that I would post the good and the bad work no matter what. I have not broken that vow. This blog is about my process and there can be no progress made without a few doozies thrown into the mix. I wanted to be honest about my mistakes and stop hiding in fear of imperfection. I still have relapses every once in a while. I remind myself that I am not perfect and that not everyone will like what I do.

I set extremely high standards for myself and I usually take on too much on at once. Both of these characteristics could have been a recipe for disaster. But, I found my confidence. After my confidence rose from the depths, my strong work ethic kicked in and I have been moving full speed ahead ever since. Painting is my passion and it will be my career.

I completed over 100 paintings in 2010. I participated in six group shows in and around the Denver area. In October, I received my first reply from a gallery regarding a solo exhibition. My solo exhibition is kicking off 2011 with a bang.  I am looking forward to the opening reception this Friday night from 6-10pm at Anthology Fine Art on Santa Fe Drive in Denver. I have also booked another show in April.

While so many positive strides are being made in my painting profession, I still have my teaching career as well. I work full-time at a public school in Brighton, Colorado. I volunteer my time after school on Tuesdays to work with a great group of kids in the Art Club. I also teach an art enrichment class after school on Wednesdays at an elementary school in my district. Recently, I was hired by a local gallery in Brighton to teach private lessons after school on Thursdays. My time is filling up rapidly and I still need time to paint and participate in shows! So this is the new goal: Balance. Balance may not come to me very easily, but I would like find it. I love the multiple worlds I can be apart of in order to enrich the arts and I am not sure what changes I will make to acquire balance. I assume it will be an evolution just like this past year.

Regardless of where this year takes me, the discovery I made in 2010 will remain. I am an artist; I always have been.


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