Postcards for Solo Show “Presence”



Thanks to Yellowdog Printing and Graphics for creating these amazing postcards to promote my solo art exhibition this coming January! I had a hard time selecting an image for my postcard because I plan to display multiple series in the show.  There was no way one single image would sufficiently sum up my work.  When I explained that to Dan Mulligan at Yellowdog Printing and Graphics he said, “No problem. We can just print 250 cards with a variety of images.” How cool! I also had business cards printed in the same style with the same images. The cards were ready in time to have them in the galleries for First Friday last night on Santa Fe Drive.  Each stack was sorted rotating between the four images. Much of my time this week was consumed with image selection and layout options that went back and forth in emails.  So instead of posting new paintings as proof of my work this week, I have uploaded the images of my postcards.

Postcard #1


Postcard #2



Postcard #3

Postcard #4




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