Presence #14

Presence #14

I am still drawn to the color scheme in Presence #9.  I have already had a few viewers interested in purchasing Presence #9 or a painting that is similar. So I decided to try a few more paintings with that specific color scheme. This painting is 12×16 inches which larger than Presence #9. Working with a 12×16 inch canvas allows the drips to travel across a larger space leaving more room for unpredictability. Not knowing what direction the drips will take can be unsettling, but I have been pleased watching the small beads of water crawl over the canvas. I find the drips quite lyrical.

I also hung this painting “wrong” the other day and found that perhaps it does not need to hang in the direction I had originally planned.  I would love to hear from readers about which orientation looks the best!  Below you will find two more possibilities.  Please comment!!!


Presence #14 Sideways




Presence #14 Up-side-down





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