Presence #11

Presence #11

I struggled to get a good photograph of this painting–I do not feel this image does the work justice. For some reason my lighting kept bringing out the texture in the canvas. But I would like to post it anyway. I will keep trying to get a good shot.  I am playing around with my compositions in the Presence series and I currently have two more canvases in progress.

On a side-note:  Besides my full-time job teaching art to teenagers in Brighton, I will begin teaching privately at a gallery on Main Street in Brighton.  The class is on Thursdays at 4:30pm and is open to students from age 8 to adult.  The first evening of class will be on December 2nd.  Currently, a very talented portrait artist also teaches classes.  She and her husband hired me to teach more classes and I am extremely excited to take on the challenge!  The class size will be small so that I can devote my time thoroughly to helping my students.  What a difference that will be from teaching 36 high schoolers in single class period!  The course will start as a Beginning and Intermediate Painting and Drawing class.  Our hope is that classes will grow and expand to include abstract and mixed media classes as well.

Anyone interested in taking my class or one from Judith Dickinson should visit her website: or you can email me for more information:


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