Reflection XXIV


Reflection XXIV



I was intrigued by an orange color I saw the other day and I decided I needed to try it in my Reflection paintings. This is the first of two paintings that incorporate this orange. I will post the other painting later this week. I returned to experimenting with torn handmade paper instead using cut strips. I frayed the end of a large piece of paper rather than tearing strips like Reflection XXII. The deep red/brown strip of paper adds contrast to the work.

On another note, I have started an exciting endeavor creating greeting cards with images of my work printed on them! It took a bit of research, but I found this awesome paper supply store in Arvada called Xpedx that has everything one would need to manufacture cards. The minute I walked in someone offered to help me.  I received valuable advice from choosing the proper paper, to the envelopes, and packaging. Aside from excellent service, the prices are reasonable and, in turn, allow me to sell my cards at a reasonable price. I printed my first prototype this weekend and it looks great! I plan on making a few adjustments, but hopefully I can post images of my cards soon.

One thought on “Reflection XXIV

  1. Lyle

    Really like the orange! The freyed paper is a very cool idea. You continue to amaze me with your creativity. Keep exploring!

    Looking forward to buying some cards that display your work.


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