Presence #4


Presence #5


I decided to simplify Presence #5.  Sifting through my paint scraps, I tend to select the larger pieces  leaving the smaller ones behind. The small strips of paint are just a beautiful as the larger pieces, so I decided to alter my composition to create a painting with only the smallest paint pieces. For reference, the largest paint strip on this painting is .5  inches wide and 2.5 inches at its tallest point. I decided not to add a dripped background because I was worried it would detract too much from the small strips. Since I started this new venture, I have wanted to test out a darker background. This was the perfect opportunity.

Today I have the day off from teaching, so I am spending all day in my studio. I hope to complete at least five small paintings. There are a few open call shows I would like to enter and I am still adding to my body of work that I plan exhibit for my solo show in January. Tonight I am hoping to make it to Santa Fe Drive for 3rd Friday. I would like to do as much research as I can between now and my show.


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