Presence #4

Presence #4

I  painted on an 8×10 canvas for Presence #4. Prior to this painting, I had been painting on paper and working with a canvas presented a different set of challenges. Creating the drips in the gray section of the painting was more difficult. The drips stay prominent even when extra paint is added on top when I use paper as my surface. Canvas holds paint differently so I found myself spraying multiple times and adding multiple layers because I accidentally covered the drips.  Even with the final result, the drips are a subtle aspect to the work.

As I worked with my variations of gray paint, I realized that I would need to frame the gray section differently than Presence #2 or Presence #3. Having sides to the work required that I pull them into the composition. At first I wanted to leave the whole canvas gray. As soon as I finished adding the gray, I knew that I needed to change it. I added the purple color to either side that wraps around the canvas finishing the work beautifully. The edge color also pulls out hints of purple in the paint strips. I have included two other photographs showing different angles to provide a full view of this painting.

I showed this work to a colleague and she suggested that she would like to see it bigger…it was something I had not thought about because I was using leftover scrap pieces of paint. But the idea stuck with me and it may be something I try in the future.

Presence #4


Presence #4


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