After I completed Reflection XXI, I kept looking at the leftover cut pieces of recycled paint. I have been so busy that I have not gotten around to straightening my studio and those small pieces taunted  me for a week. Each tiny piece carried such power and I thought it a shame to waste the potential. Last night, I had already prepared my 9×12 paper to start creating a new reflection painting. At the last minute I thought to myself, “What the heck!  Try it out and see what happens.” I think other artists can vouch for this, but sometimes I just see a flash of a future painting in my head. I envisioned these small pieces standing or floating alone in a somewhat nondescript space. Each one standing just a tall as the other, proud of its presence in the world. It is as if my mind personified these miniature paint strips. I set to work on the background first with many layers of grays, whites and off-whites. I used my spray bottle to spray and drip some of the paint away and I built up a darker color on the outside. I stopped only once I felt I had the perfect space in which my the paint strips could exist.

I am intrigued by this new venture and I would like to explore size and composition more.  I would love to hear ideas or comments about this work!


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