Impression XV

Impression XV

I came down with a little bug this week. Arriving home from work and painting became quite a challenge.  This painting is 24×48 inches which is larger than any other painting in the Impression series. When I completed Impression XIV , I blogged that I would like to try a larger version of the painting. I am glad I pushed myself to create a larger version, but the journey was a bit bumpy.  Because I create multiple layers in an Impression painting, I had to measure one layer at a time and paint it. I do not mark the measurements in pencil because the marks could show through the layers. Instead, I tape off the measurements which is a little trickier and more tedious than using a pencil. With a 24×48 canvas, the measurements took much longer. After one layer dried, I peeled off the tape and started a new layer of measurements. I did not have a table large enough to accommodate this size canvas. I had to do most of my work on the floor which meant crouching and kneeling-what a toll that took on my back and knees! The large yellow paper rectangles are each 12×20 inches. Beneath the paper rectangles there are plastic mesh pieces centered on top of an 8×17 inch printed mesh rectangle. I took a different approach with the green plastic mesh by using my printing roller when I was finished to highlight some of its texture with a maroon color. I am happy to have finally finished this painting and I think I will work a bit smaller this week. 🙂


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