Reflection XVII

My roman numerals are getting up there! I decided to use roman numerals when numbering my paintings in order to re-learn the lost art of the Roman numbering system. It is getting trickier as I get higher up in numbers! Reflection XVII (17) is mixed media on 9×12 paper. I reversed the textured areas in this painting. Previously,  in Reflection XVI and Reflection XV, the mesh texture was on the bottom and  the papyrus was on the top. I also chose a color scheme that I normally would not gravitate towards. I have used oranges and turquoises together before, but pairing those two colors with a gray is a first. I like how the gray grounds the work. Orange and turquoise are both vibrant colors and when paired only with each other can take off and fly away with intensity. The gray tames the vibrant colors and provides a needed balance.


2 thoughts on “Reflection XVII

    1. jessicaforrestal Post author

      Thanks! It is handmade paper that I attach using matte medium. The matte medium dissolves the small paper fibers and leaves only the large fibers. Thanks for looking at my work!


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