Reflection XV


Reflection XV

The image of Reflection XV has been rolling around in my head for a bit. Enjoying the simplicity of previous paintings, I revisited compositions in the Reflection Series like Reflection II. I wanted to add a small amount of texture into the composition, but less texture than the later paintings like Reflection XIII. I also had a new texture to test out! While working on my last painting, I had a mishap gluing the mesh and I needed pull up the mesh to reposition it. As I did this, I found a beautiful new texture imprinted in the glue. Along with the incorporation of handmade paper and recycled magazines in Reflection XV, I added this new texture to the dark section of the painting. To create this texture I first secured the mesh to the painted area with matte medium. For those of you who might not know, matte medium has many purposes including being a clear adhesive. Once it dried, I painted a darker shade over the mesh making sure to fill the spaces in between the mesh strands. The final product is produced once the mesh is pulled off of the painting.  I hope my viewers enjoy this discovery as much as I do!


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