Something Different

This work was inspired by  a health issue that has crept up.  Thankfully it is nothing too serious-but still, it is bothersome.  I was laying in bed one night this week when the image of this painting popped into my head.  I saw a bright ridge that was built up away from the rest of the painting’s surface.  Around the ridge was lots of texture.  Over the texture, laid a mesh net with torn and frayed edges.  The netting turned out a little differently that I originally envisioned.  The first plan was to lay the netting over the ridge and then rip it away to just barely expose the glowing ridge.  But when I started creating, I felt that the ridge needed room to breath.  Had the netting covered most of the painting I think it would have looked depressing and ominous.  By giving the glowing ridge some space, the painting takes a more optimistic tone even with the frayed edges ominously creeping along the edges.  Given that information, the viewer can further interpret what he or she likes.  The textures in this painting look really nice in person.  I highly suggest clicking on the picture to look at the textures more closely.  I have not figured out a title for this work yet, but as soon as I do I will post it!


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