Reflection X

Reflection X

I changed a few things when creating Reflection X.  I divided the sections on the wood panel differently than Reflection IX and I used a more dramatic color for the textured background.  I also recycled paint for the space in between the colored strips.  I discussed this technique when I created Found and Found II.  Click on those painting titles to be taken to the posts where I describe this process.  As an artist I find that it is extremely easy to become wasteful.  Tubes of paint are sold in plastic or metal and I have still not found a good way to recycle them.  Broken paint brushes, empty gesso buckets, plastic from purchasing canvas; it adds up surprisingly quickly.  I strive to be as conscious of my waste as possible both inside and outside of my studio.  Recycling my paint is one way I can help to minimize my impact on the environment as well as add a dramatic and energetic component to my work.

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