Reflection IX

Reflection IX (Vertical)

The simplicity of this painting can be deceiving!  It took quite a while to decide on the final color composition for Reflection IX.  Using a ruler, I first sectioned the wood panel into the three major areas.  I applied a pumice medium and added the mesh with turquoise paint.  That part of the process went remarkably quickly compared to the amount of time it took when deciding upon the color, width, and edges of the torn paper.  I gessoed a large section of magazines on plastic yesterday so I could rip a variety of strips with different edges.  I painted about ten of the strips and started to play with the composition.  The options seemed endless, so I just kept switching out strips until it felt right.  Here is a photograph of my left over strips:

paper strips

Finally, I made the decision and attached the strips before I could change my mind.  I have several of these paintings with similar compositions  in the works, so I can continue to explore my color choices further.  Reflection IX is versatile in that it can hang multiple ways.

Reflection IX (Horizontal)


2 thoughts on “Reflection IX

  1. Jennifer P.

    I found you at Lisa Wharton’s website and I really like your blog. Maybe I will see you along Santa fe Art walks some night. Let me know if you ever have a show or want to cross promote one of your events on my blog as I would be happy to help.



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