Cherry Creek Arts Festival

Yesterday I had the pleasure of riding my bike downtown to the Cherry Creek Arts Festival.  Although it was cloudy and threatened to rain at times, crowds of people roamed the streets of booths.  I was pleased to find a wide variety of work: 2-D, 3-D, mixed media, photography, abstraction, realism, and everything in between.  Artists traveled from all over the country to be a part of this festival.  It was inspiring to see so many different artistic styles and expressive works in person.  While I love finding new artists online and looking at galleries of photographs, there is something special about experiencing paintings in person.  I found some artists that I really enjoyed and I hope to keep following their work:

Lisa Wharton is a Denver artist whose whimsical colors caught my eye right away.  She has a website as well as a blog: and

Eileen P. Goldenberg is an artist based in San Francisco, California.  I particularly like her Array series.  Her use of wax is incredible! Read her artist statement to learn about her process.

Another wax artist who blew me away was Cheryl Gail Toh.  Her layering technique has a soft and beautiful quality.

Karyn Debrasky’s compositions of tightly knit colors and textures create such an intimate experience.  Her small compositions draw viewers in and holds them captive:

I connected with Julie Havel’s mixed media paintings.  She uses a variety of different textured materials and her compositions are stunning.  Not to mention her business cards are actually textured.  How cool!

The festival is going on through today, so if you are in the Denver area make a point to spend a few hours at the Cherry Creek Arts Festival.


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