Good Showing Last Night!

Transient VII on Display at SYNC Gallery

It seems attending First Friday Artwalks always makes me reflective.  The crowds were amazing as was much of the artwork along Santa Fe Drive.  Standing next to my artwork in the gallery I could not help but realize that only six months ago I started this project.  Six months ago I was wondering what would happen with this blog and where it might lead.  While I have always created art, it was not until January 2010 that I started to make something of it.  In that short time span I have participated in five shows, become a part of online galleries, and have sold some of my work.  I am grateful to have my work accepted into shows which leads to further growth professionally.  I have been questioned before about when I would create a solo show, but at the time I did not feel ready.  I was not sure what direction I would take artistically, but now  I have started to find my voice and my direction.    I decided last night that I would like to start building a body of work for a solo show.  Preparing for a solo show is a whole new world to me, but I want to keep progressing forward.  This will not be a quick task to complete, but one that may move more slowly and will help me find more focus.


2 thoughts on “Good Showing Last Night!

  1. Elizabeth Chapman

    Congratulations on the progress you have made over the last few months and best wishes in preparing for your first solo show!! It’s exciting! Your work is marvelous.. always enjoy it!!! Love your blog too!!


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