Impression VIII

Impression VIII

I am excited about this much larger Impression painting.  Impression VIII is 24×30 on wrapped canvas.  I was a bit tentative starting this painting as I was almost quadrupling the size compared to the past works.  The previous paintings had been only 12×16 on paper.  Because of its larger size, I added a few extra elements to this painting to keep the intimate quality of this series.  I still printed with my Australian mesh.  The piece I use to print with is only roughly 7×7, so I had to print four times placing each print carefully next to the last to create a solid geometric shape.  Instead of using just one solid piece of green plastic mesh, I cut up the mesh and pieced it back together to create a square.  Finding a larger sheet of handmade paper was more tricky, but I found a great art supply store in Denver that has a HUGE selection of handmade papers for reasonable prices:  I must admit I purchased several sheets.  I laid a 15×15 piece of handmade paper over the print and plastic.  I used matte medium to secure the paper.  The handmade paper dissolves slightly once I apply the matte medium making the paper more transparent so the layers underneath become visible.  Because this painting is on wrapped canvas, I also had to create an interesting edge on the work.  Here is a picture of what the work might look like hanging in someone’s lovely home: 

Impression VIII Side View


6 thoughts on “Impression VIII

  1. Casey

    I love this work!!! With it being so much larger I think the vibrancy of the work shines through better.


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